In the Netherlands, a lot of couples opt for a more low key form of marriage than the traditional wedding. We have something called a “samenlevingscontract” – a contract of cohabitation – which is very popular. The name sounds unromantic, but the concept is just as beautiful. Two people who have found their home in each other.
Nick and Astrid are like that; low key, happy and peacefully in love. They preferred not to have a big ceremony, because it didn’t fit with who they are together. But when they were going to sign the contract, Astrid did feel like she wanted to have something to remember the moment by. Not the moment of the signing itself, but the time in their relationship that they took this step together. So she arranged a love shoot with me, as a surprise for Nick.
Since Astrid had been very clear about how uncomfortable they usually are when they’re having their picture taken, I thought it better not to go into a studio and ask them to give me their best Kate Moss. We headed out to the nature reserve that they love walking in and spent a super fun afternoon wandering, talking and marvelling at the beauty of the natural Dutch landscapes there. It was a wonderful afternoon, a moment in time captured so they can look back with pure joy.