James and Samira chose an After Wedding Shoot, which is not the
traditional option but definitely one of my absolute favourites. After
their wedding, we jumped in the car and drove to the beach, arriving
just in time for sunset. The light was perfect. We clambered into the
dunes, taking photos in the long dry grass that is typical on the
Dutch coastal line. The wind was warm and very cooperative – it blew
Samira’s dress and hair gently for those perfect Beyoncé moments,
and put massive smiles on all our faces.
The quickest route to the beach was via some barbed wire fencing.
Concerned for his beautiful bride, James wrapped Samira in all the
extra clothing we had brought, and I watched them as they wriggled and
giggled their way under the fence. It was hilarious, and so tender!
Then they frolicked on the beach, jumping and running so happily. I
took photos as they loosened the bridal bouquet and ceremoniously
offered its flowers to the ocean.
Eventually, when the sun had set, we got a bit chilly so we made our
way back to the car. It felt like we were old friends, heading home
after a day of fun on the beach. On the drive back we stopped off at a
petrol station and stocked up on all sorts of snacks. All that fun had
made us hungry! It was a great wedding dinner to celebrate a beautiful
new beginning for this lovely couple.