To me going on an adventure doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane or travelling across the globe on a unicycle - though never say never. An adventure is anything done with an open mind and heart.
I come from Zwolle in the East of the Netherlands, where nature is abundant. In summer, my boyfriend and I have picnic dinners by a little lake near my house, and in winter we spend most weekends stomping around in the forest, chatting and laughing. Even if we take the same route over and over, the very simple joy that the fresh air and space for conversation bring feels like an adventure every time.
That sense of open-heartedness is what I try to create with you on a photoshoot. We can go on adventures in the windy dunes, on a tropical beach, or by a cosy fireplace. Anywhere. You have no idea how beautiful you are when you’re joyful and free! Then all I have to do is click the shutter on my camera.
So let’s go on an adventure!


Though I do the occasional family and portrait session, my focus is largely on photographing couples.
I just love love: the wind in the hair, steady anchor in a storm, electric power of it. I think you can see what a hopeless romantic I am from my pictures. They say beauty lies in the imperfections. I totally agree! I use natural light, obsess over details, and am drawn to slightly off-kilter geometry.
What I like most about photographing people is that everyone is different, so every adventure is unique. I like to meet you beforehand, so we can get to know each other. What makes you tick? What makes you smile? What makes your heart swell? That’s the poetry I want to capture with my camera.