Vorig jaar reisde ik samen met vriendinnen af naar het prachtige Marokko. We verbleven enkele dagen in de kleurrijke stad Marrakesh waar we afspraken met een super lief koppel. Eindeloos zijn we wezen dwalen door de kleine oude straatjes en steegjes voordat we Pim en Nicole gevonden hadden. In een vies oud steegje vonden we een grote houten deur en achter die deur verscheen een oase van rust en een prachtige omgeving. Perfect om gezellig met Pim en Nicole te kletsen en samen te shooten. Natuurlijk gingen we ook even de straat op om de sfeer van Marrakesh te bewonderen en wat te proeven van alle geuren en kleuren op straat.


There’s only one thing better than packing your suitcase and exploring a new place solo, and that’s going travelling with dear friends.
Isis van Sturtewagen and Esther van Geenen are photographers whom I really admire. We work together, and we play together. We run styling and photography workshops together, and we came into contact with Nicole through her company Bobini Roots, which specialises in gorgeous handmade jewellery, including engagement rings (tip of the day!). Nicole and her boyfriend Pim invited us to photograph them whilst they were holidaying in Morocco. That’s how we ended up in Marrakesh.
We arrived on a dreary January day. It was rainy and a little chilly. But the colours, smells and textures of the city were warm and vibrant. We got lost trying to find the right riad – that’s what the beautiful hotels in this magical place are called. It was the best kind of lost, wandering down lively roads and grimy alleys, searching for the riad and in the meantime finding so many other spectacles to marvel at. Eventually we reached the right location according to our map, on a dirty, old street that didn’t seem like it could possibly be home to one of the chic palaces we had seen in pictures. There was a big, plain wooden door. What laid behind it took our breath away.
It was an oasis of peace and tranquility, with tall white columns and intricate wrought iron balconies overlooking a bright, spacious courtyard filled with sand coloured stone and tropical plants. And there were Pim and Nicole, radiant and sweet. We chatted over tea, catching up and laughing together. Then we shot photo after photo in the lovely light of the riad and the streets, finding doorways and arches for the couple to smile, dance and embrace in.